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Contact InfoF

TEL: +81 53-412-7190

FAX: +81 53-412-7190

E-mail: office aisol.co.jp (please insert @ character)


Trade NameFAISOL Technology, Ltd.

LocationF Emblem Motohama Bldg., 92, Motohama,

Hamamatsu-City, Shizuoka 430-0942, Japan

CapitalF 6 million yen

BankF Shizuoka Bank

EstablishedF April 7, 2003




<<< Our Mission >>>

Founded in 2003, AISOL Technology is a leading IT solution provider helping companies

meet their business goals by utilizing technology with their business objectives.


The AISOL team is made up of highly-skilled, knowledgeable and innovative indivisuals

with wide spectrum of expertise and experience. We also understand the impotance of

keeping ourselves as IT professionals. We thrive on learning and applying next

generation technologies quickly and effectively.


Through the work experiences with global corporation businesses, we are capable

of supporting clients by providing the strategy, architecture, development, integration,

deployment and implementation of services and products.


<<< Main Clients >>>

Hamamatsu Photonics, Inc. (Central Research Laboratory)

YAMAHA Corporation

Board of Education


In addition, we occasionally volunteer our weekends to hold computer schools for

elementary and junior high shools in our community.


<<< Services >>>

New!EJava application development by Eclipse

EC compiler and CASE tool development

EJava framework development

EDOA + OOP system development based on RDBMS

(Oracle, SQLServer2000 and Sybase)

EWeb application development, such as Web service (SOAP and XML)

and Java Servlet (and JSP)

ENetwork programming based on Socket, CORBA(VisiBroker) and LDAP

EBusiness-Critical system development by WebSphere

EDNS, SendMail, WebDAV, Web server construction and basic application development

for MacOS X

@iMach (UNIX) kernel programming, BSD system tool development and development

of a realtime OSj

EAlliance business support with the software house in the English area


<<< Research and Development >>>

EDevelopment of C compiler, assembler, linker and simulator for special-purpose


EHardware debugger (Download/Execute/Display programs from image-processing systems)

EDevelopment of the libraries for VisualC++ which process the image data retrieved from the sensor

@iGrabber board access, image-processing support and picture displayj

EApplication program for the image-processing system with special-purpose processors

(medical image processing)


For more information about our services offering and alliance partners,

please call us at +81 53-412-7190 or send an e-mail at office aisol.co.jp